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  • #1 for Password Self-Service

    Next generation Self Service Password Management for On-Premise and Cloud Networks

    • Complete self-service password reset, account unlock
    • Empower end users to manage their accounts
    • Synchronize across on-premise and cloud systems
    • Remote management with dedicated mobile apps
    • Integration with Windows desktops
    • Simple plug and play virtual and hardware appliance options
  • Intelligent Identity Management

    Manage user access, reduce account sprawl, empower end users, improve security all without the cost

    • Central password management of on-premise and cloud systems
    • Gain insight into expired, changed password, locked accounts
    • Enhance security with multifactor authentication
    • Keep users informed via email or SMS notifications
    AD integration Linux integration Solaris integration O365 integration Gapps integration
  • Manage Passwords on the Move

    Conveniently manage passwords without helpdesk intervention anytime anywhere

    • Dedicated mobile apps for remote password reset and unlock
    • Change passwords while on the move
    • Synchronize passwords across one or multiple systems
    • Enable mobile-only multifactor authentication flows
    ios app android app
  • Streamline Self Service Provisioning

    Access manager goes beyond self service to also give streamline
    user enrollment and deprovisioning all at a press of a button

    • Eliminate forms with automated workflow for user enrollment
    • Delegate account approvals to managers instead of helpdesk
    • Disable retired accounts, eliminate unwanted backdoor access
    • Link identities to multiple accounts across different systems
  • Free Password Reset Self Service

    No-fuss no-user limit self-service password reset solution thats 100% free

    • Complete self-service password reset package
    • No restrictions on user count
    • Integrate with any-size Active Directory
    • Empower end users to reset passwords without intervention
    • Analyze users with dashboard and identity views

Redefining Password Self Service

Nervepoint Access Manager is engineered to deliver next generation password self-service enabling users to manage their own accounts without IT intervention; reduce help desk calls, boost under productivity and improve overall security. Available as a hardware or virtual appliance Access Manager is an ideal solution for organizations looking to take control of their network and better manage their end users.

Features at a glance

Password Self-Service

Password Self-Service

  • Unlock accounts, reset and change passwords with an easy, user-friendly interface
  • Enforce strong password policy and override default rules
  • Boost overall security with multi-factor authentication
  • Allow end users to manage multiple accounts from a single identity
User Directories

Multiple Connectors

  • Connect to multiple Active Directories
  • Integrate with various Linux-based systems
  • Extend cloud systems with Google Apps connector
  • Integrate cloud solutions with the Office 365 connector
  • Associate user accounts on legacy Solaris systems with AD
User Management

User Management

  • Provision new employees and minimize downtime
  • Disable retired accounts and mitigate unauthorized access
  • Link multiple accounts to a single identity
  • Visual charts for instant reporting on users across all systems
  • Convenient end user password management with mobile and Windows desktop integration

What can Access Manager do for you ?

  • Access Manager for End Users

    End Users

    Enable self management of identities across multiple systems, minimize delays in provisioning new users through automated account approval workflow and increase end user satisfaction through desktop, mobile and web access.
  • Access Manager for IT Admins

    IT Admins

    Reduce help desk load by securely offloading password and account related issues to end users and department heads. Increase productivity by minimizing end user downtime and free up IT staff to focus on more pressing issues.
  • Access Manager for CTOs


    Reduce costs with a low datacentre footprint VM or unlimited-user hardware appliance. Increase business security with multifactor authentication for password self-service and identity management activities. Reap the benefits quicker with minimal downtime.

Access Manager is an all-in-one solution delivering complete self-service password management to dramatically reduce help desk calls, boost productivity and provide better control over your network. Chat live with one of our reps or Download our no hassle, no risk trial today.

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