• Access Manager
    #1 for Password Self-Service

    Reduce helpdesk costs with a complete self-service password reset solution providing unparalelled security through the most intuitive and easy-to-use software appliance on the market.

    Empower end users to safely and securely manage their account and passwords using web-based, desktop or mobile access; resulting in increased adoption and lower administration costs.

    Synchronize password across multiple systems.

    #1 Self-Service Password Reset
  • Intelligent Identity Management

    Centralise user management across multiple Active Directories and Linux systems with a simple-to-use interface.

    Monitor identity usage through a clean and simple dashboard, providing insights into password changes, locked accounts, logon activity, linked accounts and expiring passwords.

    Enhance security with Access Manager‘s array of authentication methods. Using a simple drag and drop UI these can be chained into a multi-factor authentication flow in minutes.

    Intelligent Identity Management
  • Self-Service Provisioning

    Say goodbye to forms with an automated workflow for user enrollment.

    Automatically provision identities and system resources to users based on company defined policies and roles.

    Delegate permissions to trusted departmental employees to reduce the administrative overhead of creating and managing identities throughout the organisation.

    Self-Service Provisioning
  • Increase Productivity,
    Lower Costs

    Increase your productivity by offloading those time consuming password reset tickets to a secure, self-service portal.

    Elimiate employee downtime by empowering your employees to manage their own identites across the heterogeneous enterprise. Minimising delays in provisioning new resources through account approval workflows.

    Access anywhere, anytime with our browser-based, desktop and mobile access portals.

    Cut IT Costs
  • Flexible Deployment Options

    In-house or out-in-the-cloud? Built upon our secure appliance architecture, Access Manager is equally at home in the corporate data centre as it is hosted in the cloud with your preffered hosting provider.

    Stay in control with all deployment options; Nervepoint Technologies provides you with full control over your appliance and company data.

    Deploy In-House or in the Cloud
  • #1 Self-Service Password Reset

    #1 Password

  • Intelligent Identity Management

    Identity Management

  • Self-Service Provisioning

    Self-Service Provisioning

  • Faster ROI

    Increased Productivity

  • In-House or Cloud Deployment

    Flexible Deployment

What can Access Manager do for you?

  • Access Manager for End Users

    End Users

    Enable self management of identities across multiple systems, minimize delays in provisioning new users through automated account approval workflow and increase end user satisfaction through desktop, mobile and web access.
  • Access Manager for IT Admins

    IT Admins

    Reduce help desk load by securely offloading password and account related issues to end users and department heads. Increase productivity by minimizing end user downtime and free up IT staff to focus on more pressing issues.
  • Access Manager for CTOs


    Reduce costs with a low datacentre footprint VM install. Increase business security with multifactor authentication for password self-service and identity management activities. Reap the benefits quicker with minimal configuration and downtime.

Access Manager Features at a Glance Features at a Glance

Next Generation Self-Service Password ResetNext Generation Self-Service Password Reset

Installed in minutes Nervepoint Access Manager is a powerful end to end Self-Service Password Reset and Identity Management solution. Helping you reduce password help desk calls, increase user productivity and improving security.

  • Browser-based Portal
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • SMS, OTP Authentication
  • PIN, Captcha Authentication
  • Active Directory Connector
  • Linux/SSH Connector
  • Desktop and Mobile Portals
  • Self-Service Password Reset
  • Self-Service Account Unlock
  • Password Change Reminders
  • Reporting and Notifications
  • Realtime Monitoring
Smart Password Self-Service

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